Volounteering for Perla: making natural and organic soaps

This morning, I got up with an objective: to make myself useful, through my voluntary commitment, to people who live in situations of precariousness and rejection, and who have lost all dignity. In a spirit of solidarity, I am going to participate in the future sale of products whose proceeds will go to the Perla association which fights human trafficking in Switzerland.  

What do these two words mean? Human trafficking includes labor exploitation, sexual exploitation and exploitation of minors. The victims suffer psychological and/or physical violence, loss of dignity and are trapped in an illegal environment.  

My colleague Sonia and I decided to manufacture natural and organic soaps in the workshop of M’La Nature in Attalens (canton of Fribourg). I tell you about this pleasing experience… 

Marie from M’La Nature welcomes us in her beautiful workshop displaying various types of products: soap, shampoo, laundry detergent etc… with different designs and fragrances. My first impression was “The decoration is beautiful and I want to buy everything”. 


Marie leads us to the manufacture of soaps where we will produce about fifty soaps. Here we go! Sonia, Marie and I put on a protective and hygienic outfit. I emphasise that we feel the professionalism of the workshop.  

We begin our work by mixing organic products: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, white beeswax etc… I admit that I am a little stressed because we must be precise about the quantities and exercise care in the use of soda. My colleague is at ease because she is already used to this procedure.  It’s a pleasure to mix all these ingredients that form a smooth paste. The perfume chosen is silk sweetness. It is a discreet and pleasant scent, which I think can suit many people.  

A smooth paste that you want to eat 😊

Once the mixing is done, we need to get the dough into the molds (trays). Marie has a lot of patience and is very experienced. The procedure looks easy but requires accuracy in cutting the baking sheets.

With Sonia, we have finished our part of the work. The person in charge takes over the cooking and cutting of the soaps. Can’t wait to see them!  

I found it very interesting to participate in this work as it is intended to financially support the beneficiaries of the association. When I consider that Perla pays for the rent, health insurance, primary and secondary needs, training and care of all these people who seek help for one year on average, I tell myself that what I have done is a tiny contribution, but it is still one! 

I invite all those impacted and sensitised by the cause of human trafficking to support Perla with the means and the possibilities at your disposal. If you wish to order our 100% handmade and 100% organic soaps, you can do so for Chf 9.- by sending an email to .  

In my next article, I will tell you about our morning at the Renens market which was impactful with positive effects on all levels…and where we sold these soaps. 

Sincerely yours, 

Géraldine Paçarizi, fundraising and events manager 

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